35 years in Houston, Tx Providing Acupuncture Pain Relief


                                                                               Tiong H. Ling and Nancy T. Ling (husband and wife)  launched their acupuncture practice in Houston, Texas in February, 1982 at which time, there were only over a handful of acupuncturists in Houston. Not only  were they among the pioneer acupuncturists who opened this new medical treatment therapy to treat pain problems in Houston, he was together with Lisa Ling and four others, (six in total in Texas) who participated in taking legal action in Texas court, to explore and seek legislature right to practrise acupuncture in Texas.


Although the legal action went nowhere, it did paved the road to the eventual triumphant victory of a legal status to practice acupuncture in the state of Texas in 1993.   Both are Chinese, and were educated in Chinese and English. Both are graduates of Vanderbilt University with Ph.D. degrees, and he, a PK.


  The acupuncture mentors of both include China's top acupuncture experts, Dr. Sieng-Ming Huang( 黃羨明教授) , Dr. Li Chuang Huang(黃麗春醫師),Dr. XingNong Chen(程莘農教授)  of China.  


Both have served as past presidents of TAOA (Texas Association of Acupuncturists), and jointly published 3 books in the USA.  (1) Everything You Want To Know About Acupuncture (1985).  (2) The Hidden Dangers In Tap Water and The Best Solutions (1996), and  (3) Green Tea And Its Amazing Health Benefits (2000).


 May be the most unusual credential is the  absolutely unexpected accomplishment to have attracted patients from all over the USA, plus some foreign countries in the 35 years of practicing acupuncture.