Patient Testimonials

*Back Pain

Eight years ago I was diagnosed by seven different physicians with a ruptured and herniated disk and a displaced vertebra.  They all agreed that surgery was imminent.  I was hesitant to proceed with surgery because my mother had endured several surgeries on her neck that resulted in no relief and additional painful side effects.

When I was referred to you by a co-worker, I was desperate.  I had been in constant pain for three weeks and was suffering from insomnia and wight losss.  The muscles in my leg were deteriorating from the lack of usage.  Your clinic was my last risk-free option prior to surgery.

I arrived at your clinic at 7:00 am on a Monday morning and I was in excruciating pain.  I lied on the floor in front of your door until you arrived.  After your examination and one acupuncture procedure, I walked out of your office with no pain or ill effects what so ever.  I was completely reliefed of all pain.

I was very skeptical about these procedure at that time and I thought the pain would return after I left your office.  You told me that it may take more than one procedure to completely eliminate these pain, but to date I have not had to return to you.   -L.L. Gardner- 6/19/94

*Foot Pain

Thank you so much for the treatment on my foot.  In 1991 I had a bunionectomy on both of my feet.  The left foot healed properly, the right foot didn't.  It seems there was an over correction on the big toe which made all the other toes drop down at the ball of my foot. Due to the error I became unable to walk or do anything that required me standing for any length of time.  Before the surgery I was a very active person, I worked out, certified diver ,enjoyed walking and dancing.  After the operation I could only sit and watch TV and dread getting up even to cook.

I have been to several Doctors of Podiatry to see if there was any thing that could be done to relieve the pain.  One told me there would have to be a rod inserted but by doing that y big toe would be stiff, so of course that was no solution.  I tried another Dr. and he said all the nerves would have to be remove  That's when I heard from some friends in Alaska about your clinic and how confident you are, so decide to try acupuncture as a last ditch effort.  I came in with severe pain and left with no pain whatsover.

Thank you for giving me back a full life.  Now that I can walk again I am able to do all the things I use to do.  -J.Parks- 1994


I feel I owe you a thank you letter for what you had done to relieve my severe headaches which I suffered with for twenty one years.  In those years, the headache hit me each and every day, and I had to take pills all the time to get some relief.  Sometimes, when the headache hit hard, I could not even open my eyes, and the increased pain pills dosage I took not only could not totally release the pain but also gave me upset stomach and made me sick.  Then, I Was always worrying about the side effects of the pills.

When I was suffering with a headache with no apparent relief, I saw an acupuncture program on TV and thereafter, I found you.  As I have seen fourteen doctors of different kinds and have tried just about everything I know of in twenty years, I was turning to you as my last resort.  The first time I came to see you, I had a terrible headache, and I was quite sick.  But, to my surprise,  the treatment that you gave me, gave me immediate relief from the severe pain and I practically left your clinic without any pain at all  I returned home with a great sense of relief and happiness and my husband saw color on my face and he felt

 I have become a different person since that day.   -R. Rubia-

*Sinus & Drepression

I also suffered sinus problems for thirty years, and because of depression, I took valium and other anti-depression drugs for twenty years  The treatments that you gave me also completely release me from sinus and depression and since your treatments I was able to drop all the five kinds of medication that I took for over twenty years. I never did dream that one day I could drop all the medications, and you have helped me do just that.  I am very grateful to you for what you have done and I am happy just to be able to live a normal life without pain, discomfort and of course without pills.  -R. Rubia-


I also wish to tell you that my husband who suffered from sciatica, was unable to walk properly and could no longer work without pain and you also gave him immediate relief.

The day he came to see you, he could only move with the help of a chair, and could hardly get into the car.  He was in such a bad shape that you thought he might not be able to work on the roof any more.  But, today, he is still a roofer, doesn't seem to have any problem since your treatments.   -R. Rubia-