Acupuncture is capable of treating a very wide range of medical problems and diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO)  listed 43 kinds  for which acupuncture can provide help or solutions. 16 years later in 1996 WHO increased the number to 64 which is still much fewer than what the Chinese claim. Outside of China acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain problems which represent  the greatest need and for which acupuncture can render most consistent and long lasting results, and the services that we have provide coincides with what has been said. 


      But beside pain problems we have, unintentionally discovered an unique way to treat smoking addiction which has so far not only  prevailed over our competitors, by attracting patients from all over the USA and 40 foreign countries. The breaking of national boundary has made our little clinic to attain worldwide popularity.              







             WHAT CAN              ACUPUNCTURE DO



We can stop your pain and help many other problems.  Also  quit smoking/alcohol & weight loss 

For 35 years of practicing Acupuncture, we have treated:

*Smoking Cessation


*Weight Loss/Control

*Musculoskeletal & Neurological Disorders:


         -Back Pain/Backache/Lumbago

         -Neck Pain/Stiff Neck

         -Shoulder Pain/Frozen Shouder

         -Tennis Elbow

         -Knee Pain

         -Foot Pain/Plantar Fasciitis

         -Carpel Tunnel Syndrome





         -Bell's Palsy

         -Trigeminal Neuralgia

         -Headaches &Migraine Headaches



         -Muscle Spasms



We also have helped patients with the following symptoms, diseases and conditions:


*Allergy/Hay Fever


*Sore Throat

*Nerve Deafness

*Ringing in the Ears/Tinnites


*Eczema& Other Dermatological Disordrs

*Eye Problems

*High Blood Pressure

*Poor Circulation

*Irritable Bowel Syndrome

*Spastic Colon




*Acid Reflux


*Premenstrual Syndrome

*Irregular or Painful Menstruation



*Chronic Bladder Infecation

*Morning Sickness


*Infertility in Men and Women

*Sexual Dysfunction

*Immune Disorders

*Chronic Fatique








*Post-Operative Recovery


*Chemotherapy/Radiation Side Effects


*Heart Palpitation

*Face Lift

*Water Retention/Edema